Friday, March 25, 2016

Playing In The Dirt!

It feels good to play in the dirt. I usually buy a bag of just potting soil, but I went bold :), branched out and mixed up a concoction I read about. It consists of peat, potting soil and perlite. So experimentation is in progress to see how seeds respond.

And here is what I've grown recently: Mustard and Kale microgreens. Both are good. The kale is mild, the mustard a bit spicy. I think I'm a microgreens fanatic.

Kale Micros

Mustard Micros

 My husband asked when I bought these. I think he was teasing, but they do kind of look like I bought them at the store. Fun to know they were produced at home.

Encouraging Moment:

Gardening While In A Wheelchair

Family Moment:

This is one of my own, Mr. LMG acting out Waldo for a library program. 
He definitely gets his outgoing personality from his father.

Start small and grow,

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Quiet Day!

My oldest daughter and I have had a quiet day just hangin' out and crafting today while the rest of the family is camping. We've enjoyed our time, but the house sure is quiet without my husband, the four boys and my other daughter. When there are eight people in the house, it is quite a lively place. Heck, even the puppy seems to notice the void of activity. She plays around, "helps" my daughter with her jewelry making, and then heads for the window and cries every once in a while. This is her. She is quite a character.

So my daughter was on a roll today and made a beautiful necklace, a necklace for her sister with a paw print because her sister loves her sweet dog, Emma, so much, and being the huge Star Wars fan that she is, my daughter made a bracelet based off the charm Anakin gave to Padme. .

And I made boot cuffs. The first pair I made were for each of my girls for Christmas. These are fun to make, and I love the touch of lace added to outfits. My girls are mostly comfortable in their jeans and boots but can be girly, too, every once in a great while.

And oh those greens: These are my second batch of radish shoots. They really are very yummy and add a slight touch of zing to a meal. They actually have the same flavor as their full-grown counterpart, the radish.....strangely, and they're really good in sandwiches, in burritos, and on salads. It doesn't get any cleaner than this, no pesticides, organic, untreated seeds.

It was a nice, relaxing day for my daughter and I, a fun day. Off to feed my son's uromastyx lizard since he's on a camping adventure and then another movie. We just finished Flicka, one of my daughter's favorites.

Encouraging Moment:

Sign language is a great way to enhance phonics instruction but also to be able to reach out to the deaf community. It kind of holds a special place in my heart, hence the sharing of this video.

Family Moment:

I think someone may be hogging the homemade salsa..... :)

Start small and grow.
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